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MTEG - cover.png

- Surgical videos, embedded with surgical knowledge, possess high research value. However, many hospitals are currently discarding or neglecting such videos, including surgical and endoscopic recordings. We collect and analyze these medical videos, converting them into meaningful data that can be used for artificial intelligence learning. This contributes to the research on the intelligent analysis of surgical videos. Additionally, this approach enables all hospitals to enhance their training levels and create additional value.

Ichrogene - cover.png

- Icrogene's DNA report provides precise information by calculating actual incidence rates for genetic risks using large-scale genomic data from over 600,000 individuals. The report utilizes the polygenic risk score (PRS) method for comprehensive gene/marker analysis through a genome-wide scan.

Curaum - cover.png

- 'Oralog' is a prescribed product for chronic sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea. It uses oral sensors and can be paired with a mandibular anterior mobility device (COAT) to measure sleep data like oxygen saturation, apnea, hypopnea, and movement. Biometric information is sent to a server, and users can monitor it through a dedicated app.

Leaflet - LifeSemantics cover.png

- The largest telemedicine app in South Korea offers high-quality medical services from various specialists across different fields. This app represents an effective solution for addressing healthcare access issues, especially in underserved areas. Utilizing digital healthcare technology, it overcomes the limitations of physical distance and time, enabling patients to receive medical consultations from anywhere at any time. Additionally, a collaborative project with LINE Messenger is underway in Thailand, further expanding the app's reach and impact in digital healthcare.

Leaflet - emocog cover.png

- Emocog is currently developing digital therapeutics with the aim of enhancing brain health, primarily focusing on improving cognitive function in individuals in the early stages of memory loss. Cogterra continually monitors the cognitive function status of patients and provides customized cognitive training. This training is designed to strengthen neural networks, increase 'cognitive reserve,' and assist in improving memory.- 

Leaflet - crescom cover.png

- Crescom's MediAI, used by 250+ medical institutions in Korea, specializes in AI analysis for Knee Osteoarthritis severity. It delivers quantitative evaluation results based on KL grade, including a measure of joint space reduction (JSN) to determine the KL grade and identify osteoma presence.

gazilab logo.jpg

Gazilab Inc.
- A platform using generative AI for tailored wellness, it analyzes health data and preferences to offer personalized recommendations. It adapts to changes in health and lifestyle, providing a dynamic, customized wellness experience.

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MedInTech Inc.
- 'MEDIUFES' is a next-generation integrated endoscopy solution that incorporates an electric control method and applies artificial intelligence algorithms. It offers a suite of advanced features such as being 50% lighter than conventional mechanical systems, equipped with an LED light source, full HD video quality, and the capability to detect and notify abnormalities in real-time.

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- DIGITAL PHARM specializes in digital healthcare, featuring 'HearRO' with eight patents for age-related hearing loss. 
- T
his AI-based system, delivered through high-quality software, provides effective treatment and prevention of various medical conditions. 'HearRO' and digital therapeutics can be used independently or in combination with other solutions.


- A one-stop solution 'Jonathan'  for building AI-based IT systems. This encompasses 1. AI service planning, 2. preparation of training data, 3. AI model training, 4. validation of training performance, 5. deployment and operation, and 6. offering AI services. The entire process is easily constructed based on a platform.

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