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Tech Company

MTEG - cover.png

- AI based- Surgical video cloud platform (, platform for individual doctors provides various functions to effectively manage surgical videos.
- Indexing thumbnails shows important scenes analysis, save important clips, and web-based video editor.

Ichrogene - cover.png

- Accurate AI disease predicting analysis service based on genome big data
- iDNADoctor genetic testing service. Korea's first T2D AI prediction genetic test service
- High prediction accuracy with the PRS (polygenic risk score) method, selecting and analyzing multiple genes/markers through whole-genome-scale scanning
- Secure cloud-based service with information security certifications (CSA STAR and ISO 27001) with nationally registered genetic testing facility (Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 371)

Curaum - cover.png

- Provide smart dental manager for oral health care (clear).
- A personalized sleep device for a deep, restful sleep (Cleum auralog).
- Personalized total healthcare solution based on big data.

QTT - cover.png

- Mobile App and an AI oral care application that allows easy oral examination at home.
- Analyzes the oral health status utilizing AI and informs you of your dental needs through a customized report.
- Can make dental appointment if the AI determines needs further dental care to help. prevent dental problems from developing further due to delays in receiving dental treatment.


- A one-of-a-kind company equipped with various digital healthcare products based on a Personal Health Record (PHR) cloud-based platform.
- We are providing the telemedicine platform for both hospitals and patients based on LINE messenger Application.

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An all-encompassing digital AI solution for dementia management, covering the entire life cycle from diagnosis to treatment and prevention.
- Developed smartphone-based dementia early screening app
- Designed dementia management app for elderly (65+) 
- Created digital therapeutics for mild cognitive impairment


- Crescom, based in South Korea, offers patent-based medical image analysis solutions, MediAI, which is specialized in musculoskeletal system and is currently offering over 250 medical institutions in South Korea.

- Crescom’s Knee osteoarthritis severity AI analysis solution, MediAI-OA provides quantitative assessment results based on KL grades. MediAI-OA analyzes JSN (Joint Space Narrowing) quantitatively, providing KL grades based on JSN rate and also indicate presence of osteophytes.

- Also, Crescom provides TW3 and GP methods Hybrid bone age AI analysis solution, MediAI-BA took advantage of both methods and also improved limitations of each method. MediAI-BA provides expert-level accurate analysis which is higher than other solutions. This clinical trial result was published in SCI-level international journal.

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