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Registration Form 

REGISTER in THAI language ภาษาไทย [CLICK HERE]

* There's no fee for the event
. This event is sponsored by Government.
Feel free to input as much as you can. No need to fill 100%.

All speech will be made in Thai ภาษาไทย (with concurrent interpretation from Korean)
* Registration is currently limited, and we encourage you to secure your spot at your earliest convenience.



1. Day 1 (20th) : Which company are you interested in to have meeting? Please select at least 2 options
2. Day 2 (21st) : Which company are you interested in to have meeting? Please select at least 2 options

Terms and conditions   I  Read and agree

In order to follow Personal Data Protection Act 2019 (PDPA), we need to record your data which included your personal information. The company would like to ask for your permission to record and process your personal information following these detail down below.

1. The collected personal information

In this terms and conditions means the information you’ve filled in the seminar application form such as Name-Surname, E-mail, Company/Organization, Phone number or other personal information that need to filled in the seminar application, the company will convert all the applicant’s personal information into individual electronics file.

2. Purpose of collecting personal information

The purpose is to contact for making an appointment of the matching event which arranged to December 20th, 21st, 2023 and to consider your interest in attending to the seminars or Business Matching and more upcoming seminar with Korean company in the future.

3. Collected data duration

Your information will be stored as the reference for the purpose of collecting the data by the company for only 1 year after receive the data.

4. Data subject right

You have the right to correct, access, transfer, suspend and destroy the use of your personal data by notifying the company in a written manner, later.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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